Hi! My name’s Vanita.

I’m not a guru, a specialist, or a buzzword-anything. But I do know a thing or two about making a living with an online business and still having a life.

Being an entrepreneur does not mean doing it all yourself. It means doing what you LOVE. I offer services that will relieve you of learning technical website crap so you can focus on your business. Knowing technical jargon is not needed. After 20 years of helping people promote themselves/their businesses/their products and 8 years of website design,  I can deftly channel your vision into a site that reflects your hopes and goals.

Website Design

WordPress theme installation, configuration and customization to create beautiful online spaces that express who you are and what you offer.

Website Plus

Need help monetizing your website? I have the tech-know-how and experience to design and implement online shops and members-only ecourses.

Website Maintenance

Your personal support team and technical advisor. Someone who knows your website inside-out and can liaison with hosting or plugin support on your behalf, with your success as priority.

Digital Odd Jobs

Small website changes, promotion design (banners, ebooks, etc) and implementation of third party services with your website - by the hour.

Yes, I do blog.

You may not want to read it. Unless you’re like me, an entrepreneur who wants to have a life.

Then you may enjoy – or at the very least find useful – my articles on www tech crap written for non-freakish-geekish humans. But be warned, I like climbing up on my soap-box to carry on about meditation, soul purpose and the advantages of showing people the door – in relation to being an entrepreneur, of course. Don’t expect my blog to be focused. Focus is for the office. My blog is more like a booth at the pub.